Welcome to your online campus!

You don't go to class. Ryan Classes come to you.




Taking a Ryan course requires not just reading, viewing and listening, but also activity.  Students digest the material through interactive exercises and self-assessments.

As students progress through the course and prior to formal testing they must demonstrate an understanding of the material by showing both critical thinking and the ability to make practical applications of the material being learned. Some of the interactions are customized to the personality, interests, experiences and abilities of the individual student. Then, through self-testing, students are able to predict how they will perform on the graded tests.


Here is just some of what we offer:

  • Fully automated tests and practice tests
  • Full course text material
  • Direct links to current primary source literature
  • Embedded audio and video media
  • Integrated interaction
  • Personalized questions based on self-assessments
  • Optional automatic grading
  • Website fully built for the specific course

For instructors and students here is how life is made easier:

  • No textbook or classroom needed
  • Students and instructors can keep their notes online
  • Full tracking of course progress